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Wholesale Cushions

Wholesale Cushions

Our Wholesale Cushions are very commonly used article of furniture and can be used as a substitute of chair on demand .Cushions can make best support to our backbone .We can decorate cushions with different type of stuff to make them decorative for drawing rooms .These are best used in offices, study rooms, living rooms etc . We are offering Wholesale Cushions at low price .We do not compromise on quality .we have variety of sizes starting from 14 to 26 inches .The prices of cushions vary according to the size

The Cushion Inners Wholesale can be used temporarily outside to soften hard ground .They are also used in cars to give support to backbone on long route. Our company is one of best online company making good quality cushions. Our cushions are well stitched at the edges to make it last for long .We have duck feather cushion pads ,hollow fibre cushion pads, outdoor cushions, garden chair cushions,1 seater garden chair cushions ,tw o part 1 seater garden chair cushions, 2 seater garden chair cushions, garden large cushions, seat pads, bench seat pads, garden chair seat pads, floor cushions .

Our Cushion Pads Wholesale rate is comparatively low in the market. You can contact us through our website and phone number. You can place your order online and we deliver your order in 48 hours if the location is in UK. We give money back guarantee if there is complain against our product. You can replace your order within 14 days of delivery. We do not charge for shipment on complains.

  • Cushion Pads wholesale

    Are you looking for a comfortable Cushion Pads Wholesale? Then no need to worry about it just visits our website. These cushion pads are best used in travelling, living room, bedroom, offices, indoor and outdoor, especially in gardens. They are used to make you comfortable whether you are sleeping or sitting .There is no attraction on bed unless it has a very neat bedspread with attractive colour cushion pads .similarly if sofa is not occupied with beautiful cushion pads it will be so no attractive .These cushion pads on one side are providing us comfort and on other side making our home more decorative too. We provide you with the best quality cushion pads .We provide cushion pads at affordable rates even wholesale price because we are Cushion Pads Suppliers.

    Our company is providing different sizes and shape of cushion pads. These pads are of rectangular and in square shape .We offer wholesale cushion pads at very cheap rates to facilitate our customer. We are offering two different types of cushion pads: duck feather cushion pads and hollow fibre cushion pads .Our duck feather cushion pads are high quality sterilized duck feather with cotton covering it all around. These duck feather Wholesale Cushion Pads are available in many sizes from 16 to 26 inches with various pack sizes (1,2,4,6,8,10). Our hollowfibre cushion pads consist of high quality non allergenic fibre stitched in corovin pocket .Hollowfibre cushion pads are available in 12 to 30 inches with a variety of pack sizes (1,2,4,6,8,10,20). Now you can get Cushion Pads Wholesale price from our website.

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    Cushion Pads wholesale
  • Outdoor Cushions

    To make your outdoor experience more comfortable and relaxing our Outdoor Cushions are highly recommended. Because we all enjoy the comfort and luxury we get in our homes but it will be more delightful if we get the same comfort outside our homes. Garden cushions are required when one wants to enjoy the beauty of nature and wants to sit outside for hours .It will be very difficult to sit on a bench for long because after some time our lower portion will start feeling pain .Outdoor Cushions can be used to overcome tiredness. So if you need good quality garden cushions then contact our company.

    Our company is providing different shapes and sizes of cushions according to the demand of customers. Garden Cushions are used to sit in the garden .There is a variety of garden cushions like 1 seater garden chair cushion .These are available in variety of colours in pack of 10 which cost 100 £. All these cushions are made with water resistant material. The other type is two parts 1 seater garden chair cushion which is also available in pack of 10 and cost 150£ .These cushions are designed to fit securely on the chair because they have elasticized loops for proper grip. We also make 2 seater garden chair cushions .These 10 pack cushions are available at 190£ only. We are trying to give our customers a wide range of Garden Cushions. We are also manufacturing Large Cushions in variety of colours at highly affordable and wholesale rates. You can place your order through our website or phone number .so hurry up! And order your outdoor cushions today.

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    Outdoor Cushions
  • Seat Pads

    You can make yourself comfortable in outdoors with Seat Pads. Everyone likes to enjoy the beauty of nature with in comfortable, calm and soothing environment. Your outdoor seating plays a very important role in this respect. So for this purpose we suggest you to spend as much time as you can in the garden or on green spot and make yourself comfortable with our finest quality of garden seat pads .We do not claim but our product speaks for its good quality .We are making variety of Seat Pads in a wide range of colours so that our customers choose the colours according to their likings. We make Garden Seat Pads with high quality water resistant material which makes them durable .

    We use good quality fabric to make its cover which is easy to wash .You can wash these bench seat pads easily any time. We have made Tie Strings and Elasticated Pull Over on the back so that it could fix easily on the seat. Bench Seat Pads are suitable for 3 seater garden bench and it cost only 200 £ for each 10 pack. The price of garden chair seat pads varies with the sizes of pads .we have a variety of garden seat pads .It includes one seater garden pads, two parts 1 seater pads,2 seater garden pads in a range of bright and assorted colours. So why are you wasting your precious time in searching good quality Garden Seat Pads? Just visit our website and place your order online .We will deliver your order with minimum delivery charges. We give 100% money back guarantee in case of any complain.

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    Seat Pads
  • Floor Cushions

    One of the important and most necessary requirements for sitting is Floor Cushion. It is widely used in homes, kid’s room and living room, in hospital nurseries, day care centers and in the kinder garden school sections. The most important purpose of floor cushions is to make us feel more relax and comfortable while sitting on the floor. This Floor Cushion is used to soften the hard surface of the floor. If you’re in need of good quality large cushions then don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with good quality large floor cushions. We fill these Bean Bag Cushions with good quality fire retardant beads .We uses 100 % polyester fabric that is easy to wash .You can wipe it daily and can wash it because the cover is removable. These are available in 10 Great Colours and Various Pack sizes. Their measurement is: Diameter 23.5" (60cm) x Height 7, 5" (20cm), 3 Cubic Feet. These bean cushions have a carry handle so they can be easily carried around. Our good quality Large Floor Cushions can be used for camping, picnics, seating, garden, lounging. If you need our large floor cushion you can contact us through our website and phone number 0121 3594733 .We charge only 5.95 £ for shipment if the location is in UK. We give 100 % money back guarantee if there is any complaint regarding our products. You can replace your order within 14 days of recovery if the product is with its original tag and unused.

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    Floor Cushions