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Wholesale Bedding

Wholesale Bedding

We all are completely aware of the value of  Wholesale Bedding in our bedrooms .One of the most comfortable place where we feel relax and tension free, is our bed .We cannot ignore the importance of bedding in our lives. Actually bedding is known as bed clothing as it is usually a material laid above the mattress. Bedding is removable and washable portion of a human sleeping environment. A set of Wholesale Bedding consist of: a fitted sheet to cover mattress, a flat top sheet or blanket or a duvet which can serve best as a top sheet, and a number of pillows with pillow cases. So if you are in search of good quality bedding? Then contact our company. Our bedding comprises of bed wedges, pillow, pillow cases, duvet cover sets, and fitted sheets.

Our  Wholesale Bed Linen is making the life of our customers more comfortable and relaxing. We do not compromise on quality and make therefore we make use of finest quality fabric which is stitched with craftsmanship. Our bedding fabric is soft to touch and give soothing effect when touched. We are providing best quality Wholesale Bed Linen at affordable rates. You can wash these bedding sheets easily in washing machine and we give guarantee of its colour. We are making bed linen in a variety of exotic colours to attract people. We are one of the renowned Bedding Wholesalers UK. You can contact us through our website and phone number 0121 359 4733 .We deliver your order in 10£ shipment charges with in UK. We give 100% money back guarantee if there is any complaint and we do not charge for shipment on complains.

  • Bed Wedge

    If you make continues use of Bed Wedge Pillow you can prevent all the back and neck problems. We know it’s very difficult for someone to sleep with back ache or neck ache. Even if you are tired and have done a lot of work or if you are occupied with stress then there is no physical way to get relief from this pain and consequently you are forced to take pain killer or sleeping pills. We have found another solution for this problem that is very easy to apply. Contact us if you want good quality wedge pillow at affordable rates to make your sleep comfortable.

    Our flex foam support Bed Wedge Pillow provides comfort and aid to many patients suffering from neck, backbone, aches and pain. We are making such kind of wedge pillow that helps you in many ways like in maternity pain it can be used as support pillow ,for people with respiratory problems, to raise legs to relieve swelling and aches .This 2 in 1 design allows our client to use its 2 angles according to their needs .We do not compromise on quality and uses firm foam to give back support .The cover of Wedge Cushion is removable and easily washable .these wedge pillows are available in variety of assorted colours. We charge you a wholesale price of 200£ for each 10 pack. You can place your order online through our website or phone number 0121 3594733. . We deliver your order in 48 hours if the location is in UK .we give money back guarantee if customer does not like our product.

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    Bed Wedge
  • Pillow

    We know Pillows are the most important part of bedding .Colourful Bounce Back Pillows makes the bed more attractive. Pillows should be of good quality and soft to touch otherwise it will cause restless sleep and headache. These can be used in bed for sleeping or to support body on a couch or chair. Pillows are actually enclosed in a fabric envelope filled with soft stuffing of foam, cotton, and even sterilized feathers of some birds. And if you are in search of good quality pillows then you must visit our website .we make good quality wholesale pillows at minimal price. Our Bounce Back Pillows are very relaxing and have soothing effect.

    We have stitched their edges twice to make its filling secure. We use good quality fabric for the durability of our product. We do not compromise on quality and that’s why our wholesale pillows are filled with a variety of good quality non allergenic hollow fibre, sterilized feather, and synthetic foam depending on the demand of client. We do not claim but our product speaks for itself .We are making one of the best pillows to facilitate our customers .Our rates vary according to the sizes .We offer 20,40.60,80 ,100 packs of bounce back pillows. You can place your order online and we will deliver it as soon as possible. We charge only 5.95£ for shipment if the delivery is in UK .We give 100% money back guarantee if there is any complaint. You can replace your order within14 days of delivery if the product is with its original tag and unused.

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  • Pillow Cases

    The pillows look dull and lifeless if it they do not have attractive and beautiful Pillow Cases .We can not deny the significance of pillow cases in bedding. We can use decorative pillow case in our bedrooms to make our bed more attractive. Are you in search of good quality pillow cases? Then contact our company. We are one of the best Wholesale Bedding Suppliers. We make high quality pillow cases at affordable rates. We manufacture three types of pillow cases: v shaped pillow case, cot bed pillow case, house wife pillow case.

    We do not compromise on quality and that’s why our V Pillow Cases are properly stitched at the edges and make use of soft and smooth fabric in order to provide comfortable and soothing sleep .these are available in variety of colours. It’s very difficult to make v shaped pillow case exactly according to the size of pillow but our experts are trained and experienced in stitching it perfectly according to the given size of client. You only have to give us size of your pillow and we will make accurately according to your desire. You can place your order through our website or call on this number 0121 3594733 .our customer care officer will note the detail you required and we will deliver your order as soon as possible. We give 100% money back guarantee if there is any complaint. We are the Wholesale Bedding Suppliers that are committed to serve you serve you with best in the industry!

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    Pillow Cases
  • Duvet Cover Sets

    It’s very important to have a good quality and colourful Duvet Cover Sets in order to make your bedroom more attractive. It consist of a soft flat bag filled with wool, feather and silk .The purpose of duvet cover is to make a comfortable bed spread or it can be used as quilt .You can put comforter inside a duvet cover. It is often quite expensive and difficult to wash or dry clean your duvet or comforter but our duvet cover has solved this problem. Do you need a good quality duvet cover? Then visit our website .We are providing Wholesale Duvet Covers at reasonable price. We have a variety of whole sale duvet covers set with different sizes according to the demand of client .

    These covers are available in different exotic colours to compliment your room .We are making cot bed duvet cover ,single duvet cover ,double duvet cover, cot duvet covers .We make use of high quality of 100 % cotton for making these duvet covers. We have experienced and high standard craftsmanship. We recommend our customers to wash Duvet Cover Sets at 40 degrees and iron it on medium heat. Quality is a top priority of our wholesale bedding UK. You can place your order through our website or on this phone number 0121 3594733 and we will deliver your order as soon as possible. We give 100 % money back guarantee in case of complaints. You can replace or exchange your order with in 14 days of delivery if the product is with its original tag or unused .We charge 10£ delivery cost in UK and 5£ for each additional pack.

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    Duvet Cover Sets
  • Fitted Sheets

    The Fitted Sheets are usually known as bottom sheets as it helps in fixing the mattress at its own place even when kids are jumping or elders are changing shifts. Fitted sheet has its four corners fitted with elastic and in this way it makes a very neat and smooth surface on the bed. The purpose of a fitted bottom sheet is to keep it from slipping off the mattress while the bed is in use. We are one of the online company selling Wholesale Bed Sheets at comparatively low rates. We are using good quality 100 % cotton fabric to make Fitted Bed Sheets. The stuff of these sheets is very smooth and soft to touch which provide you with soothing and tranquilizing sleep.

    Our concern is to make our clients satisfied by our services and for this purpose we make use of finest quality of craftsmanship. Our wholesale bed sheets are properly and neatly stitched for durability. We are offering 5 soft shades of soothing colours to complement your room .We are making cot bed fitted sheets, single bed fitted sheets, and double bed fitted sheet, fitted cot sheets. We do not compromise on quality that’s why our complaints rate is 0 %. We recommend our customer to wash it at 40 degrees and iron it at medium heat .You can place your order for Fitted Sheets through our website or phone number  0121 3594733 . You only have to give us your size and requirements and we will deliver your order as soon as possible. We deliver within 48 hours if the order is from UK. So call us and order your fitted sheets now!

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    Fitted Sheets