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  • BeanBags

    Do you want comfortable furniture in your home? Then try BeanBags .These are easily portable anywhere in the home and are easy to sit. You can make your child's room very attractive by keeping brightly coloured bean bags. The bean bags are best to use in living rooms, bedroom, dining room, and in the garden. Our company is one of the best online companies dealing with various categories of household items. We provide best quality bean bags of different shapes and sizes. Our baby bean bags are of different colour and variety. We make them by keeping in mind customer’s comfort. Baby bags are made for 3 to 10 yrs old children. These bean bags are very light in weight and easily portable. We provide Baby Bean Bags in different funky colours to attract kids. We have a wide range of sizes starting from 10 cubic feet to 100 cubic feet.

    These bean bags are designed in such a way to suit the customers belonging to different age groups. We have bean bag refill, Outdoor Bean Bags, bean bag cushions, gaming bean bag, bean bag chairs, bean bag sofa etc. Our rates are very economical. We don’t compromise on quality. We offer wholesale rates when a customer is willing to buy bean bag in bulk quantity. These bean bags are easy to mop up spills and water resistant. We have made BeansBags with comfortable back support. Our company is using best quality poly cotton Twill Fabric and our fabric is available in different colours with wholesale price rate 45£. We are also making bean bags in Fox suede fabric again we are going to mention here that this stuff is available in different colours at wholesale prices. We deliver Wholesale Bean Bags at cheap rates. So hurry up and call on these numbers 0121 3594733 to get a good quality BeanBags. This is the best way to search your required goods through online services and save your time and money.

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  • Wholesale Cushions

    Our Wholesale Cushions are very commonly used article of furniture and can be used as a substitute of chair on demand .Cushions can make best support to our backbone .We can decorate cushions with different type of stuff to make them decorative for drawing rooms .These are best used in offices, study rooms, living rooms etc . We are offering Wholesale Cushions at low price .We do not compromise on quality .we have variety of sizes starting from 14 to 26 inches .The prices of cushions vary according to the size

    The Cushion Inners Wholesale can be used temporarily outside to soften hard ground .They are also used in cars to give support to backbone on long route. Our company is one of best online company making good quality cushions. Our cushions are well stitched at the edges to make it last for long .We have duck feather cushion pads ,hollow fibre cushion pads, outdoor cushions, garden chair cushions,1 seater garden chair cushions ,tw o part 1 seater garden chair cushions, 2 seater garden chair cushions, garden large cushions, seat pads, bench seat pads, garden chair seat pads, floor cushions .

    Our Cushion Pads Wholesale rate is comparatively low in the market. You can contact us through our website and phone number. You can place your order online and we deliver your order in 48 hours if the location is in UK. We give money back guarantee if there is complain against our product. You can replace your order within 14 days of delivery. We do not charge for shipment on complains.

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    Wholesale Cushions
  • Wholesale Bedding

    We all are completely aware of the value of  Wholesale Bedding in our bedrooms .One of the most comfortable place where we feel relax and tension free, is our bed .We cannot ignore the importance of bedding in our lives. Actually bedding is known as bed clothing as it is usually a material laid above the mattress. Bedding is removable and washable portion of a human sleeping environment. A set of Wholesale Bedding consist of: a fitted sheet to cover mattress, a flat top sheet or blanket or a duvet which can serve best as a top sheet, and a number of pillows with pillow cases. So if you are in search of good quality bedding? Then contact our company. Our bedding comprises of bed wedges, pillow, pillow cases, duvet cover sets, and fitted sheets.

    Our  Wholesale Bed Linen is making the life of our customers more comfortable and relaxing. We do not compromise on quality and make therefore we make use of finest quality fabric which is stitched with craftsmanship. Our bedding fabric is soft to touch and give soothing effect when touched. We are providing best quality Wholesale Bed Linen at affordable rates. You can wash these bedding sheets easily in washing machine and we give guarantee of its colour. We are making bed linen in a variety of exotic colours to attract people. We are one of the renowned Bedding Wholesalers UK. You can contact us through our website and phone number 0121 359 4733 .We deliver your order in 10£ shipment charges with in UK. We give 100% money back guarantee if there is any complaint and we do not charge for shipment on complains.

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    Wholesale Bedding
  • Wholesale Towels

    The Wholesale Towels need to be soft and comfortable to provide soothing feel to your skin. We have a fine variety of wholesale towels available at whole sale prices. These towels are meant to provide softness and soothe your skin. You can buy the Wholesale Towels in variety of different exotic and assorted colors from us.

    These Beach Towels UK are available in different styles, colors and weights according to your requirements. Our towels can be used for multiple purposes. You can use them in office, in bathrooms, for spa, at the beach and the list of their uses goes on and on. We manufacture these towels using the finest quality cotton which gives a super soft feel to them. They are meant for ultimate luxury and comfort. We provide you our towel collection at wholesale prices which are highly affordable and light on your pocket. You can compare our prices with the other competitors for your satisfaction and we bet that you will definitely come back to us. You just need to place your Wholesale Towels UK, order with us and we will deliver your order at your door step. We also offer you 100% money back guarantee, if you do not like the product, which is definitely very unlikely. You can return or exchange the product within 14 days from the date of purchase. So give us a call and place your order now!

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    Wholesale Towels
  • Slipcovers

    If you want to protect your sofas and mattresses from dirt and stains and wants to add to their durability, make use of Slipcovers to cover them. Especially useful for the kids’ bed room mattresses and sofas or for lounge sofas. Our wide range of Slipcovers prevents your mattresses and sofas from getting dirty for long time. You can just take them off and wash them whenever you like. These Futon cover are manufactured from the finest quality of 100% cotton. They are finely stitched and available in variety of different sizes. Our range of Futon Covers is perfectly made to give your place a neat and tidy look.

    These futon covers are available in variety of different bright colors such as brown, pink, dark blue, black and many other colors. You can place the order of your choice of color. Our Mattress Covers are machine washable at 30 degrees. They add to the life of your mattress and Z Bed Cover. These futon Mattress Covers are available in wholesale at wholesale prices. Our prices are highly affordable and within range. Pick up the phone or visit our website, to place your order now. We offer you 100% guarantee of our quality and fabric otherwise you can return back the product with 100% money back within the 14 days from the date of purchase. You place the order with us and we will deliver your order to your door step by charging you minimal shipping charges.

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  • Foam Sofa

    Foam Sofa is an ideal choice for your kid’s room. They are soft and soothing and do not hurt the children. These chairs come in many different sizes, shapes and attractive designs. These foam sofa chairs are not only comfortable but also enhance the look of the room with their bright and eye catching colors. You can place them anywhere in the house for your kids to sit on. These can be placed in the lounge, in drawing room or in your kid’s room. The foam chair provides easy sitting solution. The cover on these Foam Sofa is often removable and machine washable. We have an exclusive and alluring range of Kids Foam Chair for your kids.

    These foam chairs are an excellent replacement of traditional wooden chairs. we make these chairs from Suedine and Cotton, and filling is of Fire Retardant Foam which is extremely lightweight and soft. Your children can easily move them from one place to another without hurting. The foam chairs are available in different sizes and impressive covering designs which complements your kids bedroom. The seat is additionally padded to provide additional soothing feel and comfort. The cover of these chairs is easily removable and machine washable. You can place the order of Kids Foam Chair available in pack of 5 in different assorted designs at highly affordable wholesale rates. So place your order today, to get highly comfortable and durable seating solution for your children with these soft Kids Sofa foam chairs.

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    Foam Sofa
  • Sofa Covers

    Sofa Covers look intact for longer time, it is important to cover it with sofa covers. There are many different types of sofa covers available which are made of different materials. Some sofa covers the complete sofa while others just cover the seat or the arms of sofa and come in pieces. The choice is your’s which sofa cover you choose. Sofa Covers protects your sofa from dirt, spills and stains. You can easily remove them and wash them, whenever you like. Our range of Sette Covers and Sofa Covers UK is exclusively designed to provide complete protection to your sofas.

    We have two varieties of sofa covers: Klippan sofa covers and sofa protectors. Both are made from high and fine quality cotton fabric which is soft and durable. These covers are available in different bright and fast colors. These Sofa Slipcovers are easily removable and replaceable. They protect your sofa from all kind of dirt and stains, thus adding to its life. You can easily remove and wash them, when they get dirty while keeping your sofa looking new and neat. All our Sofa Slipcovers are available in pack of ten at highly affordable wholesale prices. you can place the order online or give us a call. We are always happy to serve you with best and finest quality products and services.

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    Sofa Covers
  • Wholesale Fabric

    Different kinds of fabrics can be used for different purposes. Wholesale Fabric can be used for making curtains, sofa covers, bed linens, accessories, table runners, clothing and many more. You can also make use of different kinds of fabrics in arts and crafts or for embroidery. But for all these purposes, the quality of the fabric needs to be good. Then it will last for long without losing its color and texture. The range of these Wholesale Fabric is available in assorted colors ranging from light and soft colors to bright and vibrant colors.

    We offer you a wide range of Wholesale Cotton Fabric at wholesale price. We have wholesale poly cotton twill fabric, wholesale waterproof fabric and wholesale Faux Suede Fabric. All these fabrics are of high quality available as loose Wholesale Cotton Fabric. You can buy them in any measurement according to your requirements. You can use the combination of fabrics such as cotton twill and waterproof fabric, to make sofa protectors for your sofas or can use cotton fabric for making bed linen for your double beds or single bed. The Faux suede fabric has a suede touch with polyester which gives a textured surface. You can buy all these Fabric Wholesale London and other fabrics at wholesale prices which are highly affordable and economical. We give you 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of our fabric, which is definitely unlikely. We make sure that you get the best quality at affordable rates.

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    Wholesale Fabric

Welcome To MBS Trade

If you are looking for Wholesale Bedding options for your home, hotels, spa, health club, retail or any other place, your search ends here. We are the leading suppliers of wholesale bedding providing you with the best bedding solutions for all your bedding requirements. We believe in the philosophy of shop deliver and satisfy therefore we cater all your home furnishing needs with superior quality Wholesale Bedding products and highly affordable rates. We have outstanding selection of beanbags, wholesale bedding, Wholesale Cushions, wholesale towels, slip covers, foam sofas, sofa covers and wholesale fabric. The finest quality of original fabric combines with professional craftsmanship to deliver the products that stands apart in terms of quality, design and comfort. We have an exquisite quality of Wholesale Fabric available for various uses which include faux suede, cotton twill and water proof fabric in range of assorted colors. You can make your whole family comfortable with our wholesale bedding range. We offer unbeatable wholesale prices for all our bedding range. You can place your order of wholesale bedding products online through our website or you can give us a call on provided numbers. We will deliver you your order through the most efficient and fast delivery system with minimal shipment charges.